Last Updated 22 November  2008 (See amp_2007 for previous years)

      Subject : Details of Updates on CAFAM AMP made in the year 2008

22 Nov 2008 Rev 5e.65d

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -

  1. STORES: Added Button to print PDF image of Release Certificate

  2. UTILITIES Changing Rotables to Consumables & vice-versa now allows this change to occur even if there is a History of transactions. (Previously only allowed this change if there was no History)

  3. SLS-ACCOUNTS - Added prompt for Credit Card Details (encrypted file) FCARDTL added. Option in SLS to acquire additional information on the Customer that can be printed as P2 on the Invoice. New form RS_INV2W added

  4. TIME JOB: Added internal acquisition for Aircraft Type into Time Card file. Prompts for Aircraft Type when opening a job if None is found in Aircraft file. Added new menu to print Time Worked by Employee on Aircraft type. (Shows currency of experience on Aircraft Type). Report forms added RW_TYPDW and RW_TYPSW

  5. STORES Added in Bin Location into the PO process. Prompts when PO is created, Edit function re-prompts Bin and the recorded Bin Loc is called into the Book into Stock

  6. 5e.65c - ACFT RECS- Added in new Module to hold data information for Aircraft Specifications under "Add/Edit Aircraft". Currently, specification built-in to support only aircraft type BAE-146. Report for RG-SPECW

  7. 5e.65d- TIME/JOB Added now button to Import Tasks from a different Job No across. Note: Does not do an auto re-number of the Task Number or check for duplication - You have to do this manually by way of an Edit. Added new report for RD_TSKRH.FRX for Reheat, print this instead of RH_TSKAW if found on the folder

  8. 5e65d-BILLING REPORT "Margins Materials & Labour" Added DBF O/put for Excel

  9. 5e65d-PRINT REPORTS -RESIDUAL REPORT Added button to sort on "Reqd_for", added 'look-up' to link and acquire O/no & Reqd For into report

12 Sep 2008 Rev 5e.64a

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -

    (a) Internal changes to check-sum calculations - increase to 2-place decimals in data file to tighten accuracy of HRS left.
    (b) Add/Edit Call-up added a prompt in ADD mode to copy data for previous call-ups (useful aid in copying and replicating similar Call-ups)
    (c) Add/Edit Call-up -added prompt and display for Revision No. and Revision Date
    (d) Due List Forecast, Open Defects added NEW button to print ALL Open Defects or as only per the Due List parameters
    (e) Defect Control - Changed logic for PIREPS and MAREPS. Mareps now triggers a periodicity for the defect which automatically calculates the "Clear by" times or date. New Button added "Re-Assess" that re-assesses the MAREPS and triggers a continued Carry Forward based on the periodicity that was set. (Program logic was created to handle 'dents & buckles')

  2. TIME & JOB - New Report Added to show all Employees Clocked on to Jobs for day in real time. Requires TIMECARD program for collection of Live Time Card booking

  3. SUPPLIER Approval - added another field for 2nd Approval in case needed

  4. STORES Residual Stock Value Report changed to handle Aircraft 2-digit code and sort on Date Order New Report RA_EUS2W added

  5. STORES Changed process for Min Stock Qty report - only checks PO file for items actually below Min (now speeds up the report)

05 Jun 2008 Rev 5e.63b

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -

    (a) Purchase Ledger Export info to other Accounts Programs - added new field "Taxcode" to handle the tax type for parts bought in
    (b) added in logic to prevent "numeric overflow" error where freight amount entered is greater than actual amount on the part

  2. RE-ENTER TO STOCK RIGHTS - Required User to have full rights for all o/stations(124) or only allows the one logged to his/her to do their own. Writes the O/S for the Record on screen

  3. COUNTRY OF ORIGIN Added Country of Origin prompt during Book into Stock. Data transfers into Stock Issues when issued from Stock

  4. BOOK-INTO STOCK - added a count-down process for partial Qty Book in, i.e. continues repeating the lines until all or zero stock received

  5. PRINT REPORTS - added a new Report "Parts Job Status" which extracts all Materials (Approved and Commercial) that have been Issued, are on Order or allocated. Form RU_JSTAW.FRX issued

  6. AIRCRAFT RECORDS - Added support for "AS REQD" into the N/A list for CALL-UPS

    (a) Made Max Qty unique to O/s (same as Min Qty)
    (b) Removed Min/Max Edit from General Edit Price Edit Button, now part of Price/Qty Edit


11 May 2008 Rev 5e.62a

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -

    (a) Made Max Qty unique to O/s (same as Min Qty)
    (b) Removed Min/Max Edit from General Edit Price Edit Button
    (c) Re-enter Stock required User to have full rights for all o/stations(124) or only allows the one logged to his/her to do their own. Writes the O/S for the Record on screen
    (d) Edit of Alias now also needs Password 17 to be "Y"
    (e) Edit/entry of Alias and Alternates changed to Password 17 (from 15 which was Entry of Part No)
    (f) Book into Stock - Added pop-up message if Buy Price or List Price is Zero. Only triggered if Pricing ploicy is based on List and Uses Buy from PO into Stock Files
    (g) New Index Keys added to help Search in O/Station order in Inventory and Direct Parts Sale Screen
    (h) Added O/Stn look-up for Mark-up Table. Needs to be set in Control files e.g. FMARKUP.COMPNY="LGW" and is automatically detected to write in a different Mark-up per O/Station set
    (i) Min Qty Report, added logic to calculate the qty on Order for the O/station 
    (j) Incoming Release now tracked. Added "Release" and "Condition" prompt during PO creation and Edit. Prompts same during Book-in to Stock with Caution if not the same as Ordered. "Release" appears in Batch Book and Inventory screen
    (k) Added option to Sort by O/station for Shelf Life Reports - new forms RA_SHL2W.FRX and RA_SHL3W.FRX added
    (l) Warranty Issue in PO - Added in Note to advise if Item being sent on a Rotable Repair is still under Warranty - tests and check for Warranty Date
    (m) Batch Book Edit - corrected fault Sell Price was going to zero for items no longer in stock if Batch Book was repeat looked up

    (a) Added Caution message if End Date is Blank and Job Status is being changed during Edit mode of Job Details 

    (a) Component Removal changed to use Flight Log file for Total Times for removals done in the past
    (b) Component Control Auto-Calc - Added Remove Days prompt to help calculate Removal Date

    During Split of costs in Billing, whilst costs were being assigned to the split correctly, Qty issued remained the same effectively doubling the Qty in the history. Now made Zero



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