Last Updated 31 Dec  2007 (See amp_2006 for previous year)

      Subject : Details of Updates on CAFAM AMP made in the year 2007

31 December 2007 Rev 5e.61a

Zip for Forms & Reports changed - (included in 5e60 previous)

  1. ACCOUNTS MODULE - Added prompt for "DownPayment" during Invoice Process, prints on form RS_INVLW

  2. BILLING - Added new form RB_WRKCW to handle Billing form where Freight Column is removed (Freight not a separate item). Triggered automatically by Button selection

  3. TOOL/EQUIP : Added new field called "Fleet" to handle aircraft type.

  4. TOOL/EQUIP : Added complete new section to handle Alternate Tool Numbers with new look up table FALTCAL

  5. TOOL/EQUIP: .Added new buttom to ADD Tool to Requisitions. Shows "Status" of Tool in Reqs

  6. PRE-INVOICE: Pre-Invoicing closes off Req if Job is Closed, turns QTY_BAL to Zero and puts a comment to this effect

  7. BATCH BOOK EDIT - Changed Sell Code "O" to represent Over-ride and write in the entered Sell Price

  8. ACFT RECS Added button in Mandatory Listing to ignore grouping, Added Buttons in Current Status to List only Mandatory items filtered down to Repetitive items only

06 November 2007 Rev 5e.60

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -

  1. ACFT RECS: Build Aircraft File - Added Option to print blanked Call-up sheet for Records Research Form RE_SRCHW added.

  2. ACFT RECS: Build Aircraft File . Added Option to add all Call-ups on an Aircraft being modelled in one go. Status goes automatically to "VERIFY IMMDT".

  3. ACFT RECS: Call-Ups. Changed DELETE Call-up logic to do global delete on Aircraft with Option to retain Master number showing Descr with the words "DELETED ON DD/MM/YY".

  4. ACFT RECS: Forecast Due List - Added Button Choice in Browse Select to list the Selection by either Ascending Order or Call-up Ref no (to match the selectable order for the Work Spec Report) 


28 October 2007 Rev 5e.59c

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -

  1. ACFT RECS: Call-up entry now has new prompt to acquire "ReSearched Information" to assist help identify how a call-up was completed or N/A or was found "SAT- PREV C/W" (Satisfied previously)

  2. ACFT RECS: Added new logic for Call=ups to support to support letter 'C=Certification' items, M=Mandatory and blank remains unchanged. Added new Report to list these Certification Items. New Forms RE_CERTW, RT_CERTW

  3. ACFT RECS: Increase Aircraft File Total times to extra place of decimal. Was done to increase accuracy of prints of Flight Log Book

  4. STORES: Added alternative pricing of Freight based as percentage of List Price (previously was based only on Buy Price). New switch in Setting & Parameters added to support this as "Base Freight on List Price ? Y/N". If Freight Uplift in Percentage is set in Setting & Parameters, then this figure will be applied to create a freight Value during the "Book-in-to Stock" process.

  5. Rev5e.59a: STORES: Added new Menu to Re-print Allocated Stock Labels

  6. Rev5e59b: STORES: Book-in-to Stock: Added new option to allow change Part No. only in Consumables. Switch is Y=All, C=Consum, N=None

  7. Rev5e59b: COMMERCIAL STORES - Added filter for "Order No" in Receipt Liting Print-out

  8. Rev5e59b ACFT RECS: Added Users Initials of person making changes in Aircraft Records Call-ups and Component changes

  9. Rev5e59b: STORES: Increased Incoming Approved Cert to 14 Chars

  10. Rev5e59c: TIME/JOB: Print Report - Added DBF Output for Employee Summary on Man-Hrs worked

  11. Rev5e59c: STORES: Purchase Order - Added prompt for Order type e.g. "WARR", "MSP" etc

  12. Rev5e59c: TIME/JOB: Task Details - Added new button to ADD Task directly (Previously ADD was only possible in TIME/JOB - now can be added on this Screen too)


25 August 2007 Rev 5e.58a

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -

  1. BILLING: Prepare Billing - Changed the logic where the "/" slash is required in the search for doing an Invoice where the base number only is being used (e.g. "12345/" will find ".../01, .../02, .../AV " etc for doing an Invoice for Job Number="12345"

  2. TIME/JOB: Added a field to hold the name of the Engineer who certifed the Test Report for W/shop Jobs. (Previously thsi data was a print-time function only)

  3. STORES: Print Reports -added buttons to compute Parts Used Listing in Profit ascending order for Part Number or by Job Number

  4. ACFT/RECS: Corrected bug in Long Range forecast where "Verify Imdt" was missed, added back long range lisitng by Call-up. Form RD_ARNGW added

  5. STORES: Direct Invoices - added New Button - Option to print a Customs Invoice where the value for Customs purposes can be entered and does not have to be the Accounts value. Form RU-CSTMW introduced


04 July 2007 Rev 5e.57b

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -

  1. BILLING: Added new Report "Cost Change Tracking Rept". Links the parts used on a Job and deteremines the Batch Book and Purchase Order info to help analyse the costings. Report RA_TRKCW.FRX

  2. BILLING: Prepare Billing menus are "greyed" out if external accounts system is being used and the Invoice has been exported, i.e no further edits are permitted other than re-printing details if the Bill

  3. BILLING: Changed status of "JOB FINISHED" Logic to require Password=83 to also open and close the Job

  4. STORES: Print Reports - added new button for Items Away for Repairs and those in QUARantine as two separate reports

  5. TIME/JOB: Edit of TIme Cards process improved by adding a browse search screen to locate the line required for the Edit

  6. STORES 5e.57a - Re-instated the Edit of Bin Loc inadvertently deleted from Edit Batch Book by Part Number

  7. ACFT RECS. 5e57b- Mandatory Mods List - Changed Report s on Mods on Components to support Position and split into new pages. Form RT_MANDW affected 


27 Mar 2007 Rev 5e.56

Zip for Forms & Reports changed:   

    (a) Changed the word "Incoming Lot No." to "Batch No.". Forms changed RP_BOOKW & RP_NOTEW
    ( b) Added in new field to fix the Qty_booked into stock. Useful as audit trail if QTY is later edited

  2. TIME/JOB Added support to mix opening of W/shop Job Numbers from Purchase Order or from TIme/Job Menu so that continuity of Job number is maintained

    (a) In "Print Details of Bill" Fixed display of Rotable items as separate items for same part no. on same task line (was totalling the qty)
    (b) Caution added for C/Service additions if Job is not open
    (c) Re-Assignment ofTask to another Job - Corrected fault where same partno on same task was not working correctly - second item was being left as W.I.P.

    (a) Worksheets - Added Duplicate Inspection Y/N prompt for printing on Form
    (b) Added internal controls for a Print Flag to identify "Original" Copy or "Re_Print" copy of Defect raised Worksheets (Control flag is fdefect.printd="Y")
    (c) Option now available add Parts Requisitions Open list (Max 9 lines ) on Defect Control W/sheet. Needs changes to RY_DWSHW form if needed.
    (d) added a Caution if Open Reqs are detected and Status is being changed from Job Ope

  5. TIME/JOB - "Open Edit Job" 
    (a) added Duplicate Inspection Y/N and Trade applicable on Task Screen. Amend RW_DWSHW form if needed to print
    (b) added Caution for Defects on Job no. (if any) if Job is "Cancelled"

    (a) Purchase Orders now can be listed by Fleet type. (Works by internally capturing Aircraft Type during Order processing when Aircraft Regn is entered and is found present in the Aircraft file)
    (b) Added new Sub-menu to print Requisitions in Quotes / S-Orders (Includes filter on O/station & Fleet)

    (a) Aded in new button to Re-Assign an existing requisition to another Job number so as to handle a current demand into a new job
    (b) Added new button Add2Req - creates a requisition directly on screen with an option to print the Req
    (c) Added in prompt for Req Status and Order type, ie, EXCH, LOAN, WARR, AOG etc. Form changed RM_REQ2W
    (d) Added Memo Notes when creating Reqs in Inventory, Defect Analysis and Time/Job Entry screen
    (e) Added O/Station prompt in Inventory, Defect Analysis and Time/Job Entry screen, Main Req Screen.   Added new column "Printed by+date+time" of Req

  8. PRE-INVOICE Added new Button prompt to list Labour by Employee if Task is not selected

  9. BILLING - Supplier & Customer FIles - Added new Button to Search on full customer name FNAME


03 Jan 2007 Rev 5e.55

Zip for Forms & Reports changed :      NONE   

  1. STORES - Shelf Life Report - added prompt to filter on o/station

  2. BILLING - Prepare Billing - Added New Menu prompt to Add C/Service line directly into Commercial Usage

  3. SECURITY- Separated Password control set (No. 13) for Delete Of Lines in Edit Parts Issued and Edit Batch Book

  4. Addition of O/Station prompt and filter into Purchase Order Print Reports




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