Last Updated  01 Nov  2011 (See amp_2007 , amp_2008 , amp_2009 for previous years)

      Subject : Details of Updates on CAFAM AMP made in the year 2010-2011

01 Nov 2011 Rev 5F.13

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -

  1. JOB PROJECT STATUS Reorting Menu changed to include a single Job Number or multiple on a Project - Offers options on reporting "Task Details", "Summary" and "Open P/O". Reports all tasks and associated Parts Requisitioned, On Order, and Allocated. New reports : RA_DTPRW, RA_UNPRW, RA_POPRW added including filtering only Tasks that are open, and report on overdue Purchase Orders

  2. PANEL CHART - Added [PANEL] button in Call-up file to enter Panels per Call-up task. File: FPANLKP used for Panel look-up and maintained from Utilities > Control Files. File: FPNLTSK holds Panels to Call-up Task. Modified Forecast Due List to link Panels found (if any) to the Work Task Call-up file. Added button in Open/Edit Job under WorkSheet Print process to auto-detect whether there are any panel applicable. If so then button [PANEL CHART] is auto-prompted


09 Oct 2011 Rev 5F.12

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -

  1. SEARCH BY DESCRIPTION - Changed program to work more efficiently to do "DEEP" search i.e text within Description and also Long Description.. Searches extended to Inventory, Purchase Order, Quotations and RFQ Screen

  2. SPLIT BY BIN - Inventory Control Screen - Added new button and section to split a Batch into two different Bins

  3. UNPRICED PARTS ISSUED - Print Reports. Added new menu for Parts issued - "Unpriced items" reports with Purchase Order details for chasing prices from suppliers to assist with invoicing and Job Closure . New form RU_JOBZW added

  4. MINQTY REPORT Added Bin Location Exclusions in the Min Qty report (to exclude Stock being held for pre-alloctaed items in a Bin Loc that is an aircraft registration)

  5. INVOICE TEMPLATE - added process to subsititue the Invoice template with different layouts (useful for those situations requiring a different Bank Account details etc)

  6. COMMERCIAL RECEIPTS REPORT - Changed Receipt Listing Report to support Items that have no Supplier Invoice. Now reports on "All Items", "Priced", "UnPriced" and "UnInvoiced"

  7. BOOK-INTO-STOCK - Purchase Orders - Changed logic to check the incoming certificate number for any change, if found changed where the Part number is unchanged then auto-increments the GRN and re-prompts for acceptance (Covers those situations where the same P/no is on a different release document and needs a new GRN)

  8. INVENTORY SCREEN Displays an advisory if there are Purchase Orders open on the Part no.

  9. JOB CONTROL - Added provision to carry across the Purchase Order "Reqd For" data into the Stock and Parts Issued files (for both Approved and Commercial Stores). Added reports to show stock remaining, parts received and issued. In particular, a comparison can be made for Parts issued to a Job against the Purchase Order "Reqd For" intent. Reports added RA_RQDFW, RP_RQDFW, RS_RQDFW

  10. PDF recall for Workrpack and GRNs now auto-supports a sub-path using the first 3-letters of the Job no and first 2-letters of the GRN no. E.g. a Work pack for Jobno "051234/HG" would be saved in WRK_PDF\051\ as a file named as 051234HG.PDF, or a GRN for "G23564" would be GRN_PDF\G2\G23564.PDF. (Helps in managing the number of PDF's folders ). See Technote No 24 for further details

  11. BATCH BOOK EDIT- Added new button "QuickEdit" that by-passes the usual Edit prompts, thus only prompts the minimum required. Aslo added new option to report on the changes made during the Edit. Report form RP_DIFFW added

  12. DIRECT PART SALES - Now supports a process of applyiing a Disocunt as a dummy line Part Number called "DISCOUNT"


11 March 2011 Rev 5F.11

  1. BATCH BOOK EDIT - Edit by AWB was taking too long for screen to enter. File index was being done in realtime. Changed the program to pre-index the file - new Index Tag added to FRECEIP called AWBINDX

  2. PURCHASE ORDER - Added support for 6-digit Purchase Order. Auto detects current in use length and works accordingly. Support program called FIX_PO.EXE availaible on request to change all previous 5-Digit Purchase Order Number to a 6-Digit number by auto-insertion of a leading "0"

07- November 2010 VERSION - 5f.10

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -

  1. TIME/JOB - Open Edit Job Number. Added new button and option to connect to PDF file and print contents of a Work Pack that was scanned to the job

  2. STORES- Placing Purchase Order - Added whole new section call to check p/no for applicablity of Export Control Regulations

17-October 2010 VERSION - 5f.09a

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -

  1. STORES - FREIGHT. Increased width of Freight by 1-extra digit from "9999.99" to "99999.99". Various screens, prompts , reports etc changed to handle this increase

  2. TIME/JOB: OPEN EDIT JOBS. Added new button for other "MatlCert" for print at the same time as EASA F1/8130. Now matches options same as when doing Direct Invoice Sales

  3. TIME/JOB: OPEN EDIT JOBS. - Printing of Form 1's and FAA8130's. Added a prompt for QTY (by default set to "1"). This is to support those W/shop jobs created from the Stores > W/shop Purchase Orders and may involve consumable items being repaired e.g. spark plugs.

  4. TIME/JOB: OPEN EDIT JOBS Uncommanded deletes still persisted in Add/Edit of Tasks. Suspect the problem occurs in the filtered "Add" (Ctrl+N) call. Changed the logic of this section to make use of a TMP file for this process and then re-update the main file rather a direct call on the main file

  5. STORES -EDIT BATCH BOOK - Tightened the View Only option in the Batch Book - there was a chance that it could update the file and change data. Also During Edit by AWB, added a check to ensure AWB No is unique by date, allows a direct edit on the AWB to add a suffix if needed (addition was necessitated because the AWB was found repeated for two separate unconnected transactions).

  6. STORES - BOOK-IN-TO-STORES. Added setting in Settings & Paramenters to force Shelf Life during Book-in-to-Stores

  7. STORES- REQUISITIONS - Corrected application of Discount / Markup to Sell Price if appropriate during creation of Requisitions

20 September 2010 VERSION - 5f.08c (08b released 22/08/10)

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -

  1. Added another label prompt for In-Stock Label CU_LABLS

  2. TIME/JOB Changes in Job No file: Increased Customers O/no to 20 char, added a new field called "Our Ref" to enter against job no e.g. internal quote no etc. Forms amended: RB_WRKBW

  3. SLS Accounts - Added new report "Sort Sales by Aircraft Type". Reports from accounts ledger breakdown of Parts, Materials and Sundries sorted and searched by Aircraft type. (Note: Only works if Invoice has been generated in CAFAM). Report forms added: RS_TALEW and RS_TALMW

  4. Increased ITEM_NO from 3-char to 4-char in Quotes, Sales Orders, Requisitions and Parts Issued. (Was necessary where number of parts being requisitioned on a big Job exceeded "999")

  5. BILLING: Customer Name and address screen. Increased line width and added 2 further lines in Customer address file to accomodate further data for address. Reports and forms changed RS_INVCW, RS_INVLW, RU_INVCW, RQ_QUOUW, RM_SALOW, RT_LISTW

  6. STORES: Undo Book Into Stock changed to support a cherry-pick list of items to unbook instead of doing it one at a time

  7. STORES: Inventory Screen - Increased List Price header to 4 digits i.e. to hold MMYY for clarity. (Previosuly was 3-digits)

  8. STORES: STCKBOOK Added option to generate "next #" for the GRN during Re-Enter to Stock in the main Inventory screen

  9. STORES: BATCH BOOK - Added in new field "Owner" for print purpose on labels, etc

  10. AIRCRAFT RECORDS- Changed the term "PRES/CYC" (as in Pressurisation Cycles) to "FATG.TM" as in "Fatigue Times". Is intended as a separate, factored counter for the Aircraft to control a 4th set of Units - i.e. as an addtition to the present HOURS, LANDINGS, CYCLES you now also have Fatigue TImes

  11. (08b) STORES: Corrected the Min/Max write to stock transferred to Out Stattions. Previously was using the the Min/Max from the base as default, now will look for a value for the O/station or default to zero if none found

  12. (08b) JOB NO. - TASKS: Added buttons to split Worksheet printed by trade. Need new form RW_DTRDW.FRX

  13. (08b) AIRCRAFT RECS: FORECAST & WORKSHEETS- Added option button to simply export call-ups to Tasks with no actual Print out of forecast if "Link to Job No" is selected. Relies that tasks will be printed as part of the Job No

  14. (09c) TIME/JOB-OPEN EDIT JOB NUMBER (Specific to one customer JET Av): Added new report for RW_ACKJ4.FRX print this initial Page 1 before printing RD_TSKAW (Customer Approval for Additional Work). Program detects for presence of this file to trigger and prompt for the Comments etc to print this file

19 May 2010 Rev 5F.07

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -

  1. INVOICING - Added new button in Customer Screen to suspend account. Creates a Credit Limit of -999999 which creates a block for Invoices, Jobs, and Sales Order

  2. TMP FILES: Added an option in Settings & Parameters to write the TMP files to a different folder e.g. C:\TEMP

  3. STORES: Book-into- Stock - Aded Setting & Paramenter ""Minimum prompts for Book in to Stock? Y/N" for a choice to reduce the prompts duinng the Book-into-Stock process. 

  4. STORES: Issue by Kit No - Aded complete new sub-menu section to report on Kit Status and Shortages for any number of Kits required. New Report form RI_KIT2W issued

  5. STORES: Added a new report - "Incoming GRN Status". Reports in Receipt History and sorts on Incoming GRN, links to Stock system to also acquire items in stock. New Report form RP_INCG.FRX issued 

  6. COMM STORES - Fixed "return to stock" where if there is no record to return on, ie last record was deleted, it eas being blocked by a reocord where there was Qty on Order


04 March 2010 Rev 5F.06

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -

  1. Corrected bug in high secure password - to prevent entry of passwords greater than 8-chars

  2. WIP REPORT -Added "Draft Invoice" items in WIP Reporting

  3. DIRECT INVOICES - Printing of EASA F1 now invokes the Unique Tracking Number that follows for Form 1's that are raised in W/SHOP entries. EASA F1 modified to Issue 2 requirements. Programming changed to support new layout. Form RU_JARFW

  4. TIME/CARD - Added new Report to list Employee's together with Payroll rate. New Report RD_NAME2W added.

  5. TOOL/EQUIP - Added new Setting and Parameter "Tool & Equip part of Stores Menu ?". If set to "Y", then Tool & Equipment menu appears under Stores section

  6. ACFT RECS - Components: Added prompt in Variations on Components for amount of Extension granted

24 January 2010 Rev 5F.05

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -

  1. ACFT RECS: Increased Rotables TTSN to an extra place of decimals to imporve accuracy

  2. ACFT RECS: Call-up file - added new button "Effectivity" to hold information on Aircraft / Component effectivity

  3. ACFT RECS: Satisfy Call-ups. Added new button to Satisfy Call-ups that were sent to Job Number. Uses the Task file to acquire the list that had been forecasted with a Y/N selection to satisfy the Call-ups list in one easy selection

  4. ATA LOOK-UP FILE -Addtion of new file to hold ATA Chapters with drop down list where needed- ensures accuracy of entry

  5. WIP REPORT -Added Open Job Number in WIP Reporting (lists Slashless REGN "/")

  6. TASK DETAILS - Added a new field "Cross-Ref "prompt and Edit (to handle any cross-ref info regarding the task to a Customer Request etc)

  7. TASK DETAILS - Added a new button to list all open Parts Requisitions with accompanying task details - New form required RD_TSKQW

  8. TAGGING CALL-UP TO AIRCRAFTS - Added option to Tag one Call-up to a list of Aircraft that can be selected by Type. 



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