Last Updated  27 Dec  2013 (See amp_2007 , amp_2008 , amp_2009 , amp_2010-11 for previous years)

      Subject : Details of Updates on CAFAM AMP made in the year 2012-2013

13 Jul 2013-27 Dec 2013 Rev 5F.18

  1. SUPPLIER SCREEN - Add/Edit Supplier added new prompt "File Ref" to handle Export data for Accounts where different A/c code could be used (similar and now matches Customer Screen)

  2.  TECH SERVICES - Planning Critical. Added new prompt and call-up control - "Planning Critical". Items tagged as "Planning Critical" can be further filtered down for during Long Range Forecast

  3. TECH LIBRARY - Changed Search Logic for Title_1 and Author - new Index Key intriduced with a full Browse Search Table for both

  4. STOCK SYSTEM - Addition of new field "Iss" (Issue) to supplement Part No (e.g. for Drawing Issue No.)

  5. PURCHASE ORDERS - Added "Stnd Pkg" option where Qty ordered and printed on the PO is to a "Standard Package" qty (similar to Commercial PO system)

  6. BILLING - Added new submenu to "Modify Freight Sell Price". Process allows to create a Freight Selling Price as Percentages uplift based on List Price, Buy Price or actual Freight price as found

  7. KIT MAKE-UP -Changed Kit Makeup to support decimilised Qty to handle large Qty of Kit items where the Qty required is partial e.g. SqFt

  8. PURCHASE ORDER - Added option to print Spec Info/Dwg No following printing of printing of P/Order

  9. TOOL & EQUIPMNT - Added logic to blockTool Issue if found to be on a PO or if DateDue has expired

27 Jan 2013-04 Jun 2013 Rev 5F.17

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -

  1. COMMERCIAL STORES - Added in Menu section "Load Stock File" - creates a Stock entry with history directly

  2. PRINT REPORTS - Materials: (a) Modified Monthly Usage Analysis Report added prompts for "Job Number", "Part Number", "O/Stn". Filters for these parameters if entered. Modified Hit Parade Usage Report added prompt for "Job Number", "O/Stn". Filters for these parameters if entered (b) Added new Report "UnInvoiced Direct Sales" - Reports on Materials sold via a Direct Sale but has not yet been Invoiced out i.e. is still W.I.P.

  3. LOG BOOK ENTRY - File Size - added auto-file-size-test for FLOGMEM.FPT. If > 250Mb, then prompts "Pack now" option. Also added max-limit of file size of 2gb

  4. DELIVERY PERFORANCE REPORT - Direct Sales Delivery Report added to Materials Print reports. Data Structure changed in Parts Usage file - added new internal field (so_del_dte) to hold the promised Sales Order Delivery date (delv_date). Report (ru_perfw) compares this date to the actual date item was delivered as a measure of performance

  5. TIME JOB CNTRL - WORKSHOP ITEMS - Changed and added to Time and Job Control menu for W/SHOP items: (a) added Re-Open of Parts Requistions screen (b) Addied on new prompts to handle Form 1's collection of additional Data - OEM Part No, Design Organisation, Drawing No, Test House Organsiation e.g. Fire test, Test Certificate No., General Comment

  6. TOOL & EQUIPMENT - Added new Report to list Tools Issued , Returns and Non-returns, Report form RA_TOOLW

  7. DIRECT INVOICE - Added internal support to gather WorkShop information to print on Form 1's - for W/SHOP items Booked into Stock and then sold via Direct Invoice process

  8. Ver 5f.17a: TIME/JOB. Added new Settting & Parameter item "Shield Time Card data for Job No less than..." where a Value can be set, thus non-productive Jobs and data with sensitive Employee Time Card infrormation can be exlcuded from the Print Reporting. Added also Password No 94 that can over-ride this. (Note: Default setting of "000000" in Settings & Parameters is full over-ride)

05 Oct 2012 Rev 5F.16

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -

  1. ULTILITIES - CAFAM USERS added "Profile" being used for the CAFAM User in the Report List (CF_USERS - XLS file)

  2. BILLING - PREPARE BILLING - Displays the Status of the Job next to the prompt - displays in red if Job is "Job Finished"

  3. JOB CONTROL - Open/Edit Job Number - Corrected the Item Numbering sequence for Imported tasks to STILL follow on correctly, if any tasks being imported have been deleted

  4. BILLING - W.I.P. and COST of SALES Reporting - Added option to create DBF(XLS) Report output (Does the sub-totalling internally prior to file export)

  5. CURRENCY TABLE - Increased Exchange Rate Calculations to 4 Decimal Placed to improve accuracy of foreign transactions

  6. TECH SERVICES - Forecast Print -one Combined Report - added in support for acquiring Freqency of Call-up to print on Form RJ_DREFW

  7. INVENTORY SCREEN - Made use of Password No 7 to add Min/Max Qty as part of normal Edit

  8. PRINT REPORT - RECEIPT HISTORY - Added new report to compare PURCHASER to RECEIVER of Parts . New Report form RP_DIF2W added

  9. PREPARE BILLING - During Re-Assignment of Parts only (no Labour re-assigned), modified program to write across the Task No and one line of detail "Parts only re-assigned from...<jobno>"

  10. PRINT REPORTS - Materials. Added Incoming_Gr to XLS Report - "Inventory by O/station"

  11. PRINT REPORTS - Materials - Task Ready Report added. Form RM_TASKW added

  12. 5f.16c - CORRECTION to Filter of Report - "Inventory by O/station" (was not filtering correctly)

  13. 5f.16c - BARCODE PARTS ISSUE - Added new Label template SCANISSU.LBX to print 1" x 1" label following Parts Issue by scannning Barcoded labels. Is only triggered if the label template is present in the folder and thus can be completely turned off if not required

  14. 5f.16d--PRE-INVOICE REPORT - Changed logic of Labour to include all zero hours tasks with no Time Card Bookings

  15. 5f.16d--TECH SERVICES REPORTS - Modified internally to optionally support print out of Frequency Intervals on the following reports: RD_ARNGW, RE_ARNGW, RE_CURSW, RJ_DREFW RJ_ARNGW, RT_CURRW, RR_BRNGW, RR_CURSW. Reports are held in

19 May 2012 Rev 5F.15

  1. PREPARE BILLING: Added new menu to "Auto fill and Acquire Fixed Prices or Man-hr Estimates globally for all Tasks

  2. JOB CONTROL: Additional Programs - Improved Menu Layout. Added new Menu option "Replicate Job Numbers" - function to import previous Job numbers e.g. routine Monthly Job number sequence using a "From" / "To" logic

  3. TECH SERIVCES- Forecast of Due List. - Added option to Tag Browse Select List with "Y" (to save on having to go through nultiple records where majority were meant to be "Y")

  4. PURCHASE ORDER creation - Fix Sell Price calculation to pre-convert foreign currency purchases prior to applying Mark-up. (Was using incorrect bands and giving incorrrect Sell Prices)

11 Feb 2012 Rev 5F.14

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -

  1. SALES ORDERS & REQS: Added "Delivery Date" in Sales Orders (Add/Edit Screens) and Requisition (Edit Screen only) and report (including XLS/DBF file). Report changed RM_CUSTW, RM_ORD2W to add this date

  2. W/SHOP JOBS in OPEN/EDIT JOB - Added a new prompt box to track Shipper, AWB, Unpacked by and PO Line. Displays AWB un the Browse Screen and outputs this data in DBF/XLS reports in Job Master File

  3. SHIPPING INFO - New menu called "Shipping Info" added in Direct Invoice Menu to gather outgoing information of goods being shipped e.g. Shipper, AWB etc

  4. PROCESS SALES ORDER - Logic changed so the Program now creates a Shipping Number which is the same as the Sales Order no..

  5. PICKING NOTE - Follow on from above SHnnnnn number creation during processing a Sales Order, new button added at print time [PICKING] which now prints a Picking Document, sorted by Bin Location order. New form RU_PCKDW added

  6. JOB PROJECT/STATUS - Reporting added new report to show performance of Stores fprm placing a Requisition, placing order, receiving item and issuing from stores. Report can be filtered to create a "Shortage List", i.e. only parts in this proces for Tasks that are open. New Report form added RA_DTPOW

  7. STORES: Added process to control theTracking of Rotables due Maintenace whilst in Stores e.g. to track last Spin times for Gyroscopic Instruments. Added new reports RA_TIMXW and RA_TIM2W

  8. TIME JOB - Print out W/sheet - added option to also print the Aircraft Times from the Aircraft file if found or as an option to print blank on the W/sheet. (Worksheet template needs to also support this)



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