Last Updated  31 Dec  2014

(See amp_2007 , amp_2008 , amp_2009 , amp_2010-11amp_2012-13 for previous years)

      Subject : Details of Updates on CAFAM AMP made in the year 2014


19 Nov 2014  to 03 Mar 2015 - Rev 5F.21B

  1. OPEN/EDIT JOB NUMBERS - Added two prompts in Job Number file: non_eu,c,1; entry_no,c,12. Entry /Edit in Job number screen. Added to DBF(WORKPR01.XLS) file in current Reporting output

  2. BOOK-INTO-STOCK - Added in support for writing auto-increment "Q"-GRN if condition "US" or "U/S" is selected

  3. INVENTORY SCREEN - Added logic to [Re-Enter] button to bring Q-GRN / QUAR (above) item back into stock

  4. PRINT REPORTS - Added menus to handle Supplier Performance. Reports on Delivery Performance and Number of items Quarantined due to fault receipt. Forms introduced RO_PERFW, RP_FAULW

  5. COMMERCIAL PURCHASE ORDERS - Added logic to print Ship-to Address same as Approved Stores using O/S Code file

  6. STORES PRINT REPORTS - UnInvoiced Receipts Report and Performance Reports - Added filter for O/No

  7. STORES PRINT REPORTS - Parts Issued by Job No or All Materials - added support to print Customised Report if required

  8. DEFECTS PRINT REPORTS - Added in filter for Pireps/Mareps/All when list All Defects by ATA or Aircraft Regn. Added new sort order shoice by ATA or Date for List by All Defects on Aircraft. New report added RY_AREGW

  9. COMPONENT CHANGE RECORD - New Menu added in Tech Services > Print Reports under Component History. Shows Removal and Installed Components listed ny ATA for the Aircraft. New Form RH_CHNGW added


08 May 2014  to 18 Nov 2014 - Rev 5F.20A

  1. Corrected O/Stn transfers to show Origin and Destination correctly for reporting

  2. DIRECT INVOICES -Added EAR and ITAR prompts and controls similar to Purchase Orders, but needs a different "Advisory and Caution" called FEXPTX2.DBF and FEXPTX2.FPT to be present in the CAFAM folder to work

  3. PRINT REPORTS - Open Purchase Orders: Added prompt for Order Type e.g. WARR, MSP

  4. DIRECT INVOICE - FORM 1 PRINT. Added S&P item "Allow Muliple Lines on Form 1's " to allow printing of Multiple Lines on one Form 1

  5. CUSTOMER DATA ENTRY - Added button to handle Contact file Fcatgry in Customers. New file FCATGRY.DBF added to the Program

  6. PRINTING QUOTES - Added look-up for Contact File (see above) when printing Quotes

  7. UTILITIES - Added FEXPTXT file for editing "Advisory and Caution" notes that is used in ITAR and EAR Purchase Order items (also FEXPTX2 if required for Sales)

  8. SETTINGS & PARAMETERS - Added S&P's "Zero Out Sell Price on Reqs. R=Rotbl", where N=No, Y=All, R=Rotables prices only. Set to "Y" will revert Sell Prices to zero on Requisitions for pricing-up later

  9. FLIGHT DEFECTS - Added two prompts on main entry to Enter/Edit "Flight Number" and flag Delay Status code "D"=Delayed, "C"=Cancelled, "N"=None

  10. SETTINGS & PARAMETERS - Added S&P's ""Display the following 'Archived To' Date:" where on entering a date DD/MM/YYYY, the last Archived Date is dispayed on the Top Task Bar

  11. PRINT REPORTS - Added new Option "Outstations Movements". Receipt History > O/Stn Recpt,Movements. New form RU_MOVMW added


03 Jan 2014   to 09 Mar 2014 - Rev 5F.19

  1. INVOICING - Added Vat_code in Customer Screen for control of Vat applicability during Invoice process. Can be set to P=Applies P&P Only, Z=Zero

  2. PRINT RPEORTS - Job Status Report. Added AWB (Air Way Bill) to the report if found from the incoming history. Form RU_JSTAW

  3. ACCEPT A RETURN - Added option to create (or not) Sales Order transaction - previously always created s/o with no choice

  4. STOCK ISSUE EDIT - Added column for Storeman

  5. OPEN/EDIT JOB - Added colums for "Author" for W/SHOP jobs when looking-uo Tech Specfication (Library)

  6. OPEN/EDIT JOB - Open/Edit Job Screen - Displays Qty on W/Shop Jobs

  7. OPEN/EDIT JOB - Added programming to acquire two variables S_LDS(=Long Descr) and S_CVRMEM(=Stk Memo notes) available to print on Work Order Acknowledgement (RW_ACKGW) WorkShop Items and on Test Form (RW_TSTFW)

  8. CUSTOMER ENTRY/EDIT Screen - Added Button to list Quots and Sales Orders on a Customer

  9. PRINT CERTIFICATES - Add drop-down Select box to cherry-pick items to print on C of C. (Thus items already on a F1 for example can be ignored)

  10. PRINT REPORT - Unique F1 Report added support to acquire Job No from Batch Book for those items processed through the W/SHOP. Form RB_TRCKW affected

  11. PRINT REPORT - Unique F1 Report added Person who signed the Form 1 if done under Direct Invoices. Internal processing added to capture Name of person at print time of Form 1

  12. EDIT BATCH BOOK - Added new Sub-menu to price-up W/shop jobs - gathers labour, materials etc expended on a W/SHOP to arrive at Buy Pirce. Writes this new Buy cost to Batch Book, items in stock and items issued

  13. INVOICED MARGIN REPORTS- Added logic to acquire margins for Direct Sales into existing Report

  14. PRINT REPORT - Added new Print Report "Reqs open on closed Jobs" - Reports on Requisitions that are open where the Job has been found to be closed. Previous form RM_ORD2W

  15. PRINT REPORT- Added new Print Report "Closed W/shop PO but Job Open" Reports on POs that deemed closed because QtyRcv and QtyOrd ar the same, but the W/Shop Job Number is still open. New from RO_ORD2W

  16. SALES ORDERS - Creation of Sales Order - Added logic to retrieve on screen open Sales Orders on Customer when creating new S/o. Enhances Credit Control functions including during conversion of Quotes to Sales Orders

  17. ADDTIONAL PROGRAM for updating Labour Rates - added option to only just update Customer Files with new Labour rate i.e. leave JoB Numbers untouched

  18. MARGINS, BUDGETS and COSTS - Added new DBF -"Job Breakdown Summary". Reports all Costs & Sales data by Job No. Range at a Date Cut-off

  19. WARRANTY REPORT - Modified reporting to acquire additional data (PO price, incomng gr etc) from PO and Batch book file



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