Last Updated  31 Dec  2015

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      Subject : Details of Updates on CAFAM AMP made in the year 2014


14 Nov 2015   to 23 Jan 2016 - Rev 5F.24A

  1. CUSTOMER SCREEN - Added new control for Compliance Date. New field selectable Compliance_Status and Compliance_Expiry_Date added into Customer Add/Edit Screen. Auto-writes Date as Expired if Compliance Status is ste "NOT-COMPLIANT" or "PENDING" thus ensuring Display to indicate Compliance Expired with a block to Open Job Numbers or do any Invoices. Added new sub-menu to Report on Compliance of Customers including 30 Day Due List. New form added RA_CMPLW.FRX

  2. AIRCRAFT ADD/EDIT SCREEN - Added new Button [Spcl Prgs] - Enter Data on Warranty and Special Programs Contratc Number including Expiry Dates

  3. TIME & JOB/OPEN EDIT JOB NO - Added 2 x new Status - "DECLINED" and "TEMPLATE". Added in Tasks (Add/Edit) 3 x new prompts: Services, Tools and B.o.M. Kit of Parts which connects to Kitting file. Added new biutton "Add2Req" in Task where B.o.M. Kit of Parts is converted into a Requisition with option to Edit

  4. TIME & JOB/OPEN EDIT JOB NO - Added Quotation module - New button added which re-prints an W/O Acknowledgement or Quote (depending on Job Status). If selected to "Quote" then Task list is presented with option to select items to show as a Quote with an option to tag all as "Y". If full list is not selected, then Quotation is split to show as 2 x separate forms i.e. as a "Quotation" and as an "Annexe to Quotation". New forms to support this added RW_QUOTW and RW_QUO2W. Added new Button "Job Req" to allow Requisition to be created directly on the Job whilst at Quote stage for ad-hoc parts that may be required. Added new filed "Group" during Task creation thatt creates a logical sort order for the tasks that need to be Grouped togthether. Added new report RW_QUO3W to list parts as "Materials on Quotation"

  5. TIME & JOB/OPEN EDIT JOB NO - Harmonised Job Start Date with Task Card file if edited. Note does not roll-back, but will links to update if Start Date is changed to the future

  6. TOOL/EQUIPMENT - Added Prompt for Job Number in Tools Issued/Returned

  7. LOG BOOK ENTRY - Added internal search to hold data on APU if applicable for use in Log Book Cert template. Variables set up are as follows:S_APUTYP=Type, S_APUSNO=SerialNo, S_APUHRS=ApuHrs, S_APUCYC=ApuCyc, S_APUDTE=DateCurrent at. Added search on Master Job No. to hold Job Start and End Date. Variables set up are S_STARTDTE=Start Date, S_ENDDTE=EndDate. Added support to substitute LBE form if required

  8. BATCH BOOK EDIT - Added Entry/Edit for Customs Entry Number & Customs Proc (CPC) into Batch Book Edit under AWB Edit process

  9. STOCK PRINT REPORT - Added new Report menu "Sorted by AWB" under Receip History. New forms to support this added RP_AWB1W

  10. JOB STATUS REPORT - Added new Report menu "Job Status Report" under Margins, Budgets and Costs. Gathers data on a selectable range of Jobs to report on Tasks with a Listing of Parts on order (including Commercial/Services). New report template added RW_DAILW

  11. BARCODE ISSUE OF TOOL - Added prompt of person making the tool return


19 Aug 2015   to 24 Oct 2015 - Rev 5F.23A

  1. JOB SUFFIX CONTROL - Added new optional Pop-up table for Job Suffix if so required. Added DBF O/put in W.I.P. Job Suffix Reports. Leaving Pop-Up Table blanks turns this OFF

  2. INVENTORY SCREEN - Added a prompt in the Edit for "Alert". If data is entered here then on searching the P/No an Alert Pop-up panel appears in Purchase Order creation

  3.  EMPLOYEE DATA now captured for Licence No, Licence Expiry, Approval No. and Expiry, Human Factors, Continued Training Expiry Dates and Free-Text Notes. Changes in reports RD_NAMEW, RD_NAM2W. New template RW_EMPLW

  4. JOB CONTROL TASK DETAILS - Added Continuation Sheet under Edit PassWord control (previous was only part of Add Task)

  5. WORK REPORT - Added logic to Totalise Stk Qty to negate -1 (minus) transactions e.g. TOOL/ISS. Also suppressed this task item in Prepare Billing and Work Report from Print Reports - still retained in Tasks Work Report

  6. JOB CONTROL - Aircraft Type Worked by Employee changed to report fuller Details - linked to Tasks data file. Options are now "Detail Task", "Hrs Breakdown", "Summary". Added new Report template RW_TYPFW

  7. TOOL CONTROL ISSUE/RETURN now allows return of tool even if item is Time-X (previously was blocked)


11 Apr 2015   to 26 May 2015 - Rev 5F.22A

  1. SETTINGS & PARAMETERS - Added now S&P to "Force Multi-Currency tightly" e.g. to make Currency for PO's , Quotes and Invoices to be non-editable if set to "Y" i.e the currency follows whatever was set in the Account Profile

  2. COMMERCIAL PO's - changed Book-in-to-Stock to use the Exch Rate for the Day not what was on PO (same logic as Approved Stores)

  3. TIME/JOB - WORK REPORT Added option to print CRS in Work Report - also needs modified template RB_WRKRW with option for Subs-Form

  4. TECH SVCS - Added support to create DBF(XLS) file in Forecast Call-Up List

  5. TECH SVCS - Corrected averaging calculations in Oil Consumption Report (was averaging over No of Sectors instead of Flight Times)

  6. BOOK-INTO-STOCK - Calculates and prompt for Freight if Uplift by "%" is applicable

  7. SALES CATEGORY CODE - Changed prompt to allow entry of M=Materials, S=Services, W=W/shop and F=Freigh

  8. BILLING DETAILS - Added in support for Commercial Services to show Freight under "Freight" column for those lines where Sales Cat has been set to "F"

  9. QUOTES - Creation of Quote without the need for a valid A/c and address now permitted. Prompts for data at print-time but is not retained as a valid A/c




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