12 NOVEMBER 1998

      Subject : 39-NUMERIC OVERFLOW (data was lost)



The Program puts up a red-box "Internal Error" with the above message quite unexpectedly when the System was known to be working perfectly correctly previously



The reason for the numeric overflow error is due to some incorrect entry in one of the records in the Database being called. The incorrect entry will be in a field that holds numerical data and will contain a  series of asterisks. Asterisks in the Data Field gets sometimes created due to a value entered that has inadvertently exceeded the width of the field limit and then causes this error usually a division by zero.



You need to identify which record is causing this problem.  Try to print the file in question from the "Print Reports" so that the offending record is printed on the Screen within a report.    Look for a series of  asterisks  "*****"  in  one  of the Data fields.  Once established, access this record from one of the Edit functions in the Program and change the value to the correct figure or enter a zero if appropriate.  

You could try and use a DBF database editor to access the file outside the CAFAM program to change this value directly - alternately contact us  for support help if you are still having difficulties



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