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Below you will find a collection of Technical Notes and News Bulletins relating to different aspects of the CAFAM system.  These will be updated regularly and hopefully will provide answers to some of the more common questions. 

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News Bulletins


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Technical Notes

   Tech Note 23 - Major change in CAFAM-AMP to version 5F.00 (Jul 2009) 

   Tech Note 22 - PDF View of DOCs within CAFAM (Dec 2008) 

   Tech Note 21 - Various Issues running under Windows XP (Sep 2008) 

   Tech Note 20 - Invalid File or Pathname when creating a Report as a [DBF] file (Nov 2005) 

   Tech Note 19 - System appears to Lock-up during UPDATE AIRCRAFT FILE in FLT TIMES Menu (Jan 2006) 

   Tech Note 18 - Invalid File or Pathname when creating a Report as a [DBF] file (Nov 2005) 

   Tech Note 17 - Invalid File or Pathname when creating a Report as a [DBF] file (Dec 2004)

   Tech Note 16 - Invalid File or Pathname when creating New Users (Dec 2004)

   Tech Note 15 - Inserting your Logo (May 2003)

   Tech Note 14 - Label Printing in Windows (Feb 2003)

   Tech Note 13 - Variable Labour Rates in Time/Job menu (Jan 2003)

   Tech Note 12 - Continued Updates to WIN-CAFAM (Aug 2002)

  Tech Note 11 - Forms and Reports are now separate processes (Rev Nov 2002)

   Tech Note 10 - exporting data to Excel (.xls) spreadsheet   (Jan2002)

   Tech Note 09 - Conversion to Windows Version of CAFAM (Jan 2002)

   Tech Note 08 - Nominal Code Error (May 2001)

   Tech Note 07 - Windows Hook-up - MS-DOS Version only (Dec 2000)

   Tech Note 06 - "TMP" files (Sep 1999)

   Tech Note 05 - 39-Numeric Overflow-Data Was Lost (Nov 1998)

   Tech Note 04 - Purchase Order prompts "Next PURC No." (Nov 1998)

   Tech Note 03 - "Not a Standard Database file" - File Corrupted  errors (Rev 08 Jun 2002)

   Tech Note 02 - Superseded with Win-CAFAM. Currently unused

     Tech Note 01 - Changing your  Address & other details (Rev May 2003)