Re Issued - 10 DECEMBER 2004

Subject : ERROR "Invalid file or path name.. Cannot continue" WHEN CREATING A NEW CAFAM USER

Note : This tech note is applicable only to Users of the Windows version of CAFAM.



When you try to create or edit a CAFAM user in Utilities, you get the above error message. The reason this occurs is that in not finding the folder to create export files, CAFAM makes an attempt to create this folder (sub-directory) directly on your system but somehow the process is failing.

In normal use you can create files exported from within the reporting system to be used in other programs e.g. Excel etc. These files can be stored in a convenient folder you define for each User. The default folder is "C:\CAFAMDBF" which CAFAM tries to create. You define this folder and path in "Settings and Parameters" if you intend it to be different




  1. Check in the Settings and Parameters that you have defined a folder which Users can have full access to e.g. C:\CAFAMDBF

  2. If you have locked down the C: drive (e.g. for Network security reasons), then you might want define this folder as just \CAFAMDBF so that it can be created as part of the CAFAM folder itself, ie. without the drive letter.

  3. Now check, if CAFAM will allow you to Create / Edit CAFAM Users

  4. If you are still encountering the same error message, then likely the reason is that the Operating System is preventing CAFAM from creating this folder



  Work Around....

  1. The work around is to create a folder yourself manually located exactly in the same path name as that defined in "Settings and Parameter" .

  2. Copy into this folder one file called FLOGGER.DBF from the CAFAM folder

  3. CAFAM will test for the presence of this file in the folder you have just created and should now allow you to Create / Edit Users





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