Re Issued - 10 DECEMBER 2004

Subject : ERROR "Invalid file or path name.. Cannot continue" WHEN CREATING A REPORT AS [DBF] FILE

Note : This tech note is applicable only to Users of the Windows version of CAFAM.



When you try to create a report as a DBF file you get the above error message. The reason this occurs is that CAFAM is not finding the folder to create export files that you have defined against the Users settings




  1. Check in the "Amend User Password" menu (in UTILITIES) that you have defined a folder which this User can have full access to write the Report files

  2. If need be create the folder on the Hard Disk to match.

For example, if you have selected "C:\MYDOCU~1\ (note the two back-slashes needed) in the Users profile, then you MUST have a corresponding folder called MY DOCUMENTS on the Hard Disk visible in the root directory. Be advised that Win 2000 and Win XP have individual folder also called "MY DOCUMENTS" that forms part of "Documents and Settings". This "My Documents" folder (although same in name ) is not the same as a "My Documents" folder located on the root directory. In order to prevent confusion, we recommend that you set the User with a a different folder name called C:\CAFAMDBF\ and create the same name folder to the root directory. In the current version of CAFAM (Ver 5e.28 and up), the choice and path of this folder can now be set in Settings and Parameters





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