Re Issued - 15 JANUARY 2003

     Subject : VARIABLE LABOUR RATES IN TIME/JOB MENU (Ver 5d.41 up)



We have written these notes to help understand some recent changes in the Program (Version 5d.41 and up) where we are now providing support for variable labour rates.  The way the labour rate per job is being prompted is now quite different and it is hoped that the extract from the Manual will go some way in helping you understand the change.


  How To.....

CAFAM supports the concept of a variable labour rate chargeable by Department within a Job. This means that during opening a Job, variable rates of charge-out can be set for each Employee dependent on the Department he/she works for.


1.  Go to UTILITIES > CONTROL FILES and set the Labour Rates with Department in the relevant Table headed "Labour Rate to charge per Department" This table will be used to:

a) validate the Department for new Employees (or during an Edit)
b) set the default labour rates for new Customer (or during an Edit)


2.  Run one time a Program that will apply the above rates retrospectively. This Program can  be found in TIMEJOB > ADDITIONAL PROGRAMS > LABRATE.

3.  Go to the Customer ADD/EDIT menu in the Billing section to set individual charge-out labour rate files if different from the values set in the Control file above.

4. Now when opening a Job Number, CAFAM will prompt variable charge-out  rates per department. Values pre-defined for the Customer will be prompted for confirmation or change if different for the Job in question.


During Time Card entry CAFAM will use the Dept code for the Employee's time  being entered to match the Dept Code for the Job no. This will get the charge out prices to populate the Time card file as appropriate. If a Labour Charge out rate cannot be found, then CAFAM will prompt a CAUTION
with an option to over-ride and continue. Recommend you don't. Identify why a charge rate cannot be found - most likely will be that this is a legacy entry from the past where the department entered for the Employee is not being matched to the Job Number.


So that you do not encounter a legacy problem following an CAFAM update, here are some helpful tips

1. If you haven't assigned Departments to all your Employees, then when setting up the variable Labour Rates in Utilities, leave the first line "Dept" to be Blank with your normal previously used Labour Rates. This will allow you to continue working with Time Card Entries so that Blank is a supported Department for these Employees. You can modify this line in Utilities at such time as you assign a Department to ALL your Employees.

2. A special program has been provided to populate previous Job Numbers and Customer file. This can be found under "Additional Program" in "Time/Job" push button [Labr Rate]. Options here will globally apply the Labour Rate Data into the Customer File. These can be modified to individual Customers
(in Customer ADD/EDIT) and then re-applied to open Job Numbers matched to the Customer Account.

3. If you do NOT wish to use variable labour rates for Jobs and Departments, then
a) Set just one usual Labour Rate to charge out in the Control files with Department left  blank or set to something e.g. "SK"=Skilled
b) Set all your Employees to match this Department (Blank or "SK"=Skilled)
When future Jobs are opened this Rate will be prompted as the "On-File" rates in the table.



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