Issued - June 2009

Subject : VERSION CHANGE 5F.00





A new version of CAFAM 5F.00 has now been released. The major change in the program is:

1)   An increase of 1 character in the job number from 8-Characters to 9-Characters.  This change became necessary because one of our Users were running out of Job Numbers i.e. they were approaching a point where the job number would go past "99999/00". Whilst the outward change in the program appears minimal in that it now simply prompts and runs a Master Job number of 6 digits, internally in how the program works has necessitated a substantial amount of program re-write hence one of the reasons for the version change.

2)   The other reason for the version change is an option to have much stricter and secure Password control that has been requested by a different User of CAFAM. This Technote has been written to explain this particular issue

New Security

First and foremost following the upgrade to 5F.00/5F.01, all passwords are now case sensitive. They come across upper case by default from any previous version and they can be set to lower case through the "Amend User/Passwords" menu. Remember that the CAFAM Master Password is case-sensitive too and will need to be entered in upper case in the first instance until changed by you.

In addition, we have added a "Setting an Parameter" control item to turn OFF this enter section for those Users not requiring these stringent password control

The changes that have been made:

a) Increased Password security in CAFAM

Developed algorithm to ensure password chosen conforms to the "rules" defined below

Rules of Password

  1. User entered Password must contain

  2. - at least 7 characters
    - at least 1 of the following character types:
    - lower alpha(a-z)
    - Upper alpha(A-Z)
    - numeric (1-9)
    - special charactesr (!@#$ % ^ & * - + = \ { } [ ] : ; " ' < > , . ? / )

  3. Password used cannot be used again within 365 days.

  4. Number of failed logins is limited to 5 attempts after which password is "LOCKED" and can be released by CAFAM Administrator

  5. User is forced to change his/her password every 90 days

2. Added New Report to show user access rights

Developed programming to reverse the logic of the password table to display User Names and rights as specified above





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