Re Issued - 2 NOVEMBER 2002



Note : This tech note is applicable only to users of CAFAM for WINDOWS ONLY



We have found that the RH Margin was being cut-off on some printers. Also the process of keeping Forms and Reports up to date was proving a problem in that customised Forms were being over-written in the process.  To cover both issues we have re-jigged all Reports and Forms to fit on just about any type of Printer.  We have also created two different Zip files – one containing just the Reports and one for just the Forms.  This way you can update your System as you see applicable.  We do would recommend you keep your Reports up to date.  Finally, all Reports and Forms have been labeled on the bottom of the page so that the relevant file can be addressed and modified .


  Explanation of Update Zip Files  

The Zip files have been named  so that you can clearly recognise which ones you need to down load.  They are all called either “RPT_nnn” or “FRM_nnn”, RPT being Reports and FRM Forms.   

The next group of letters “…_nnn” stand for either “A4“ size or “LT” for American Letter Size with a suffix letter where “A”=Amp, “P”=PSP and “S”=SLS. Thus, e.g.  

RPT_A4A.ZIP would be the Zip file containing Reports in A4 size for AMP 

You only need download the file that applies to you, typically, a PSP User in the UK/Europe would download :  

RPT_A4P.ZIP for the Reports

FRM_A4P.ZIP for the Forms (if you haven’t customized your already)


In addition, if you were using the Accounts Ledger System, you would need :


RPT_A4S.ZIP for the Reports

FRM_A4S.ZIP for the Forms (if you haven’t customised your already)


If you have customised and Forms or Reports, then make a Back-up of these to copy back over ours after any updates.



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