Issued - Dec 2008

Subject : PDF View of DOCs within CAFAM


Recent updates to CAFAM now supports a direct link to PDF files that are pertaining to the Screen in use. For example (and for the purpose of an explanation) we will discuss the PDF button visible in the Inventory screen adjacent to the GRN display. If the system is set up correctly, clicking this button will link to and display the PDF image of the incoming Certificate


Setting it up

  1. First check that you have a copy of the PDF reader that we support. The file is called FOXPDF.EXE and should be located in the CAFAM folder. This one single file is all that is needed to open and display your PDF file.

  2. If you do not have a copy of this file, download it from our web site Save and unzip the file into the CAFAM folder

  3. Next create a suitable folder to hold all your scanned images of these incoming Certificates. The default expected by CAFAM is GRN_PDF and is meant to be located within the CAFAM folder itself.

  4. You can choose a different to hold the scanned images, the prompt for the folder will pop-up on not finding the scanned image. Enter your path here including drive letter e.g.


    Note: The folders names in the example above are all less than 8-Chars. If you elect to use "long file names", then you will need to determine the short 8-letter code used by the Operating System, i.e. "MY DOCUMENTS" usually translates as "MYDOCU~1"

  6. Now scan-in (using a separate Scanning system and software) all your incoming Certificates. Save these as a PDF file within the folder you have elected to use. Make file name for each Certificate that you scan-in to be exactly the same as the GRN itself

  7. On clicking the PDF button, the program will search the GRN being displayed as the exact same file name found in the folder you chose to save the PDF image. A successful find will display the image





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