19 SEPTEMBER 1999

      Subject : "TMP" FILES



CAFAM Directory seems to fill up with TMP (Temporary files).



Two types of TMP files are created during the course of using CAFAM:      

                        1. Files pre-fixed TMP_xxxx.DBF e.g. TMP_AJD.DBF

                         2. Files suffixed nnnnnnnn.TMP e.g. 23221849.TMP      

The first type are created by CAFAM in the course of using the Program and during the process of doing a DAILY FILE MAINTENANCE should be  deleted automatically  provided  CAFAM  can 'shell to DOS' and  run  the  MS  DOS command  DEL (Delete). However, this operation might not  always  happen due to RAM memory considerations.      

The  second  type  are created by the Foxpro Data  Engine  and  are  always automatically deleted if CAFAM is closed down by exiting correctly  through  the  Program.  However  any  stalled  Program  (lock-up  re-boot)  or  abrupt  Power-off  shutdown will result in these files being orphaned and will  never be deleted by Foxpro.



You  can safely delete any of the files specified above. Use any  means  you are familiar with to perform this operation e.g.      

Drag  and  Drop  files  starting  or  ending  with  "TMP"  from  the CAFAM folder into the Recycle bin


Use  Windows  Explorer to  identify  and delete these files


Use  MS  DOS  commands by type DEL TMP*.*  and  DEL  *.TMP from  the MSDOS Prompt. CAREFUL that you type these wildcard commands accurately !!



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