Re Issued - 6 AUGUST 2002



Note : This tech note is applicable only to users of CAFAM for WINDOWS ONLY



We have written these notes to help you keep your Windows version of CAFAM up to date.


  Update Process  

Win-CAFAM is updated by downloading two zip files from our website Download as applicable to the version of Program you are using. See list below for file names and description.


AMP - Aircraft Maintenance Program - contains the current CAFAM-AMP Program files - contains all the Reports in European A4 size


PSP - Parts Stockist Program - contains the current CAFAM-PSP Program files - contains all the Reports in European A4 size


1.     First and foremost – create a reliable, easy to restore Back-up of the entire CAFAM directory.  Simplest suggestion here is to copy the entire CAFAM folder from the Server to the local hard disk.  

2.     Then, Copy/”Save as” the update files as applicable to you to the folder where the CAFAM program is located on the Server (or local hard drive).  Typically you would download,

3.    Unzip these two files to overwrite all previous files – you will need a password from us for this process.

4.    Lastly, execute one of two programs (part of the suite of files supplied)

    AMNDSTRU.EXE for AMP users


These programs check your data files and amend the structures as found necessary to match Win-CAFAM.


Points to Note

      You are advised to keep a note and a back-up of any Report or Form files that you have had customised previously.  You do not want to overwrite these during some future update process !!  We have listed the names of the Forms in the Appendix attached that you should Save/Copy to some different area. 



All Forms comprise of two matching files suffixed .FRT and .FRX.  You must save them as pair together.


RU_INVCW.FRT & FRX                           Invoice Forms


RU_DELVW.FRT & FRX                           Delivery Notes (Invoices)


RU_CERTW.FRT & FRX                           Approved Certificates


RU_MATLW.FRT & FRX                          Materals Release Certificates


RO_ORDRW.FRT & FRX                          Purchase Orders


RO_DELVW.FRT & FRX                           P.O. Delivery Notes


RO_CUSTW.FRT & FRX                           P.O. Customs Invoices


RM_SALOW.FRT & FRX                          Sales Orders


RQ_QUOUW.FRT & FRX                          Quotations


RQ_QUINW.FRT & FRX                           Request For Quotes


R?_DWSHW.FRT & FRX                         Worksheets for Aircraft Records Total 5

                                                                        where “?” = ”E”, ”R”, ”T”, ”W”, ”Y”


R?_DTRDW.FRT & FRX                          Worksheets for Aircraft Records Total 3

                                                                        where “?” = ”E”,  ”T”,  ”Y”  


RS_INVCW.FRT & FRX                           SLS – Accounts Invoices


RS_STATW.FRT & FRX                           SLS – Accounts Statements


RK_CHEQW.FRT & FRX                          SLS – Remittance & Cheque



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