CAFAM - PSP UPDATE LOG 2005 - 2013

 Last Updated 03 December 2013

(See psp_2004  for previous years)


      Subject : Details of Updates on CAFAM PSP made in the year 2005 - 2013


03 December 2013 Version 3h.56

Zip for Forms & Reports changed  - NONE

  1. Addition of ECCN and Cage Code to Inventory system. - Add 2x new fields ECCN (generic to P/no) and CAGE (unique to B/no). Captures ECCN P/No Create Screen, Load/Maintain Screen. CapturesCAGE at Book-inot Stock. Acquires and displays on Inventory screen Edit ECCN on Inventory Screen. Acquires to Print ECCN &y CAGE to print in Certs

  2. Addition of Export Licence No and Control to program. Modifications to File data structures to save information. Changes to various screens and programs to prompt, acquire and edit Export Licence Number. Changes in process logic to control Sales Orders for Export Licence including password control. Changes in print processes to print data.

  3. DELIVERY NOTE PRINT Added Y/N (binsomem.mem) choice for printing Delivery Note and Labels in Bin Order

  4. INVENTORY CONTROL - Stock Screen added option to Print single Quote

  5. PURCHASE ORDER - During Edit of Purchase order, added logic to look up open Sales Orders so that Revised Delivery date can be entered


16 August 2013 Version 3h.55

Zip for Forms & Reports changed  - 

  1. PRINT OPTION ALT.OUTPUT - Introduced option for "Alt.Output" where program allows Forms (.e.g PO's, Quotes, RFQ's, Invoices etc) to connect directly to PDF, Email RTF output etc.

  2. QUOTES - Added prompt and print of 4 additional lines of Text including new sub-menu to Enter/Edit Comments. Added new Report "Sort by Demand Order" - Rpt RQ_DORDW added

  3. S/ORDERS - Added Block of SO's and Sales if customer has been set to be blocked

  4. SALES ORDER - Changed Sales Order Edit so that Button select needed to Delete. Writes details to Deleted log file Fsaldel.dbf (new)

12 October 2013 Version 3h.54

Zip for Forms & Reports changed  - NONE

  1. KITTING PROGRAM - added new logic to Pre-Make multiple Kits instead of one

  2. PRICE BREAK FILE - Increased width by extra char to handle 3-Digit Qty

  3. SALES ORDERS - Record number of changes in Delvery Date in Sales Orders

  4. CURE DATE "X" - Modify Shelf Life to be "INDEF" for Cure Date ='X' (Set to 99.9yrs in Control FIles for this to work)

  5. SALES ORDER - Add new sub-menu to split Sales Order to different Delivery Date and Qty

  6. PURCHASE ORDER - Book-into-Stock makes "Block PO" to become "Y" if Payment Terms ="A" (Added new S&P item to turn this faeature ONor OFF)


15 May 2012 Version 3h.53

Zip for Forms & Reports changed  - NONE

  1. STOCK CONTROL & CUSTOMER FILE - Added a new section to handle R.M.A. - new button RMA added on Inventory prompt. Writes to FCUSTRM and reports on RV_CRMAW.FRX. New Button added in the Customer Main Screen to reprint and edit the RMA previously created. Added new Report for Customer RMA that are Open or Closed (form RC_CUFAW added)

  2. SALES ORDER - Release Reqd Prompt. Added a Setting & Parameter control item "Carry down 'Release' prompt in S/orders". If set to "N" then Release becomes blank and has to be re-entered as a new re-prompt every line

  3. EXPORT REGULATIONS- Changed Export Reg Logic to support 3 options - "E" or "Y"=Export, "N" or blank=No, "S"=Special Insp apply, "B"=Both Export Regs and Special Insp apply

  4. STATUS OF KIT ON A SALES ORDER- Added new sub-menu to show the status of Kits on a Sales Order, works out Qty_reqd, In_Stock and On_Order. New Report RA_KITSW added

  5. NEED TO BUY REPORT - Added option in Need to Buy Report look up and add recent RFQ's

  6. Control for ITAR and Hazardous Materials. Added prompts in the Inventory to tag a P/no as subject to ITAR and HazMat Regulations. Made promp to be generic to Part No. Displays a waring on Screen in PO's, RFQ's, Quotes, S/Orders and Invoices. Is available internally to print on Invoices, Certs and Delivery Notes, RFQ, S/o's, Quotes

  7. ROTABLES Number of OHs' - Added prompt for "No of Ohs" during the Book in to Stock Screen

01 November 2011 Version 3h.52

1. VFP8 - Cafam64 - Compatible version that runs on 64-bit Operating systems e.g. Win 7-64, etc launched

01 August 2011 Version 3h.51

Zip for Forms & Reports changed  - NONE

  1. Option added in Settings and Parameters to set the Contract Review to "N" for those Accounts that have a Payment Terms set to "A" ("In Advance"). The default of "Y" is over-ridden (if set if n "Contract Review all Orders" is set to "N")

  2. Export Licence Number is now picked up from FCONTRY (Country Code) file. This Number will be used if found during print of Invoices

  3. Modified QUOTES to prompt and print different full text Releases that are offered for each Part number on the line. Then during conversion of Quote to Sales Order, re-prompts the release being offered per item so that it can be changed to suit if found necessary

  4. Sales Order: Added new menu option in Sales Order to show stock and alternates on S/order. New report form RM_ALTNW added. Also reports this status following a conversion of a Quote to S/order

17 May 2011 Version 3h.50

Zip for Forms & Reports changed  - NONE

  1. PRINTING INVOICE - Added a Pop-up for various options in shipping for "Shipped Via"

  2. SEARCH BY DESCRIPTION - Changed program to work more efficiently to do "DEEP" search i.e text within and also Long Description.. Searches extended to Inventory, Purchase Order, Quotations and RFQ Screen

  3.  SUPPLIER SCREEN - Added "File Ref" filed in Supplier file to hold Account ref number to match third party accounts program

  4. QUOTES - Added pop-up screen to show Alternates available during creation of Quotes. Swops out P/no if invoked

  5. PRINT REPORTS - Added New menu to print Stock Labels by Bin Selection

  6. BATCH BOOK EDIT - Added option to Post Edited data into SLS Accounts Purchase Ledger


28 February 2011 Version 3h.49

Zip for Forms & Reports changed  - NONE

  1. PURCHASE ORDER BOOK-IN - Added program logic indicate to respective "owner" (as in the person who created it) of PO's and SO's that their PO has been processed by the warehouse (using same logic as for quotes ). Added Setting and Parm to turn the feature OFF/ON including supporting a flag for only those items qoing into Quaranitne I.e. Q-BinLoc or Q-Grn

  2. INVENTORY SCREEN - Added "File Busy " error message (if file is busy) during Purchase Order Memo Notes updates


14 January 2011 Version 3h.48

Zip for Forms & Reports changed  - NONE

  1. INVENTORY SCREEN Print Reports - "Suggested Stock Report" - Added prompt to exclude "Q-Stock".

  2. INVENTORY SCREEN Print Reports - Added info of those accounts whose Cr linit has been exceeded using a lookup on the accounts file -- shows in the DBF column OVER_CRLIM - "OVER"

  3. QUOTES & SALES ORDER - Swop of Alternate Part number - stopped if Contract Review has been completed, i.e .has been set to "Y"

  4. QUOTES & SALES ORDER - Print out of Quotes - added internal look-up of full text of Release available to print on Quotes - (look-up on new dbf file called fcommn2). Added file for maintenance in Ultilities > Set Various tables.

  5. PURCHASE ORDERS: Added an option in Settings & Paramentes to "Make PO Delivery Date Mandatory" Y/N. If set to "Y", Delvery/ Contract date is enforced

  6. PRINT REPORTS - Nine Months Usage analysis - added a filter to exclude / include items with Min Qty = 0


12 November 2010 Version 3h.47

Zip for Forms & Reports changed  - NONE

  1. INVENTORY SCREEN - During viewing "open PO's" in the Inventory screen now also update the Memo field back in reverse

  2. INVENTORY SCREEN- Docket print option - Add option to print "Priority Docket" after viewing PO's in the the Inventory screen (triggered by presence of file "docket.frx")

  3. QUOTES - Added prompt for Release Required during "creation". Also added into Edit Screens. Follows same logic as for Sales Order. Transfers Release Reqd to Sales Order on a line by line basis if Quote is converted to S/order

  4. RFQs - Added prompt for Release in RFQs on the same basis as a Purchase Order, i.e. is a full line of text and is triggered to work if Setting Parameter item PO_RELEAS "Make PO Comment as Release Reqd " is set to "Y". Also added into Edit Screens

12 November 2010 Version 3h.46

 Zip for Forms & Reports changed - 

  1. WNER Width increased from 6 char to 8-chars. Screens and reportd adjusted to suit

  2.  STOCK SALES - Process Sales Order blocked if condition on Sales Order is not matched to item in the Inventory

  3. INVENTORY SCREEN - Added new field into Consumable file - called "Market Price". Gives a perception of pricing for what is a market retail price for the item

  4. INVENTORY SCREEN - Improved search logic for Consignment stock. If part is in Consigment stock, then automatically finds. If p/no is common to main stock, then new button added "Consignment ? [YES] "

  5. INVENTORY SCREEN - Added new button and prompt to hold "Memo Notes" in consignment file

  6. PRINT REPORTS - Need to Buy List - Modified 'need to buy' list to show other open S/orders and Qty. Report form RM_PARTW modified

  7. PURCHASE ORDER - Book-in-to-Stock - Added option to receive Consumable items where Qty Recv is greater than QtyOrdered by a max of 10%. Subject to Setting & Parameter RECVQTY is set to "Y"

  8. RETURNS & CREDIT - added prompt to "ReSchedule Delivery Date by" no of Days


12 September 2010 Version 3h.45

 Zip for Forms & Reports changed - 

  1. CUSTOMER FILE - LOU for Export Regulations. Added new section to handle L.O.U. - "Letter of Undertaking". Accepts a renewal date in the Customer screen.. New Reports added to do a "due list" for Customers and print a request to renew the L.O.U. status. Date validity is tested during Invoice process including Contract review. New reports added RT_APVLW, RT_ALTRW

  2. SHIPPING STATUS - Added a new section rto handle Warehouse shipping status. Requires separate program SHIPSTAT.EXE to acquire barcodes on PickNotes, Certs and Invoices to get Date and Tme for insertion into the file. New report added RU_SHIPW.FRX

  3. PURCHASE ORDERS - Added new report under "Purchase Orders" - Items without S/Orders - RO_POCMW


22 July 2010 Version 3h.44

 Zip for Forms & Reports changed - 

  1. CUSTOMER FILE. Customer Name and address screen. Increased line width and added 2 further lines in Customer address file to accomodate further data for address. 


10 May 2010 Version 3h.43

Zip for Forms & Reports changed - 

  1. GRN System - Book-in-to Stock - Added support for 2-letter+4-Numeric GRN, i.e. "AA1000" for those Users whose GRN has reached and rolled over beyond the letter "Z"

  2. SALES ORDER: Added new Sub-Menu to replicate Sales Order with full Edit Functions

  3.  INVENTORY SCREEN: Added new button "SPEC" next to Part No line. Set up to link to a PDF file to display any details, specification etc of the P/no.

  4. BOOK-INTO-STOCK : Added prompt Manfg into the Goods receipt process for Book-in-to Stock. Visible in Batch Book and Edit Receipts screen

  5. BOOK-INTO-STOCK : Added prompt for Courier and Customs Auto Import No. (self incrementing number). Added in coding for Customs Import Process under "Customs Entry by AWB" sub-menu

  6. PRINT REPORT - Stock at Depot DBF report combines Rotables and Consumable together

  7. PRINT REPORT - Added in New report - "Quote Sent"

  8. STORES: Book-into- Stock - Added Setting & Parameter "Minimum prompts for Book in to Stock? Y/N" for a choice to reduce the prompts dunng the Book-into-Stock process. 


30 December 2009 Version 3h.42

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -  None 

  1. PURCHASE ORDERS - Increased Purchase Order from 5-digit number to 6-digit number - to allow for rollover for "99999"

  2. DELIVERY NOTE ISSUES - Changed prefix letter from "DEL" to "DL" to allow for Increase in 5-digit number to 6-digit number - handles rollover for "99999"


31 October 2009 Version 3h.41

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -  None 

  1. STOCK CONTROL - Added Memo Notes in Browse screen of Quotation History

  2. PRINT REPORTS - Added new button for "Sales Order Open" and "Need to Buy List" option to Exclude Q Stock

  3. PRINT REPORTS - "Un-Invoiced Sales Report " - added filter for "Sales Person" and "Country"

  4. PRINT REPORTS "Sales Invoice Report - added filter for "Invoiced", "UnInvoiced" items

  5. PRINT REPORTS - Added "Territory" for creating Report on Sales in a specific Territory. Added new Report Form RS_TERRW.FRX

01 July 2009 Version 3h.40

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -  None 

  1. STOCK CONTROL - Added new button "TXFR TO STOCK". Button allows stock with a "Q" GRN (ie QUAR) item to be accepted in regular stock. Next Grn is assigend with various prompts to create the new incoming history

  2. SUPPLIER FILE- Added a prompt in Supplier file to Block PO's on Supplier. Needs Password ACCOUNT No 9 to be Set to "Y" for this to work. If PO's are blocked, then banner is displayed on Supplier Add/Edit page and creation of PO's to this supplier is blocked

  3. EXPORT CONTROL REGS. Added control per part number for items that are subject to Export Control Regulations. Displays a message on screen where applicable

19 Jan 2009 Version 3h.39

Zip for Forms & Reports changed - 

  1. PURCHASE ORDER PRINT - Added support for Carr Condn to print on PO

  2. SALES ORDER - Added prompt and control for Credit Cards Surcharge during print of Pro-Forma Invoices in Sales Orders

  3. INVOICE PRINT - Added support in the Collate Invoice process to collate all SHipping (SH Nos.) items by Customer (previously only did by SH number)

  4. INVENTORY SCREEN - Added "Actual Buy Price" next to Exch Rate for items that are based in the secondary currency e.g. USD, i.e. the figure is not affected by the Exch Rate

  5. INVENTORY SCREEN - Sell Price highlight of Blue turns to Red if the Part No date is over a pre-set date. Pre-Set date is defined in Setting and Parameters in number od Days, default is 6 months

  6. PRINT REPORTS - Added Report Goods received by Supplier - form RP_SUP2W added

  7. CUSTOMER FILE - Added "% Adjust Sell Price" - Percentage to Adjust sell price by way of Mark-up or Discount (use minus sign) 

10 Dec 2009 Version 3h.38

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -  None 

  1. 1. INVENTORY SCREEN Added Button to print PDF image of Release Certificate

  2. INVENTORY SCREEN Added internal processing to support print on Incoming Gr on Stock Label

  3. BATCH BOOK EDIT- Added column for Currency Exch Rate used during Book-in-to Stock

  4. SALES ORDER - CONTRACT REVIEW Added New Password Control for Contract Review (now under P/word No 46, previously was on 44)

14 Sep 2008 Version 3h.37c

Zip for Forms & Reports changed - 

  1. PURCHASE ORDERS Book-in-to-Stock - Added New prompt for Air Way Bill No.

  2. Added Setting and Parameter control to Blank out Bin Location

  3. EDIT BATCH BOOK - Added Edit Columns for AWB (AirWay Bill) and a new column for Customs entry Number. Added new sub-menu to prompt AWB and entry of Customs Entry Number to the AWB

  4. INVOICING - Shipping and Shortage - added prompt for Qty Bal to Print on Invoices (non-Sales Order transactions)

  5. INVOICING - Process Sales Order - added control for picking from a specific depot and to only pick from the same Batch

  6. INVENTORY CONTROL - Added option to Print Browse List of all items on the same Part no. New report templates RR_BRWSW and RC_BRWSW added.

  7. 37b - EDIT BATCH BOOK - Added a ViewOnly option for Batch Book Edit

  8. 37b - BOOK-INTO-STOCK - added in "Bin Used" list during this porcess. Displays on the bottom of the screen 

  9. 37c - SALES ORDER - increased length to 6-Char

28 Jun 2008 Version 3h.36d

Zip for Forms & Reports changed - 

  1. Increased Length of Quote No to a 6-digit number. (Needed as Customer Quote file was exceeding width available. Also padded 5-digit number with a zero "0"

  2. Batch Book Edit - Added new Menu - "UnDo Book into Stock"

  3. Added Customer Classification prompt (e.g. MF=Manuf, AL= Airline etc) to assist in extracting marketing Report. Added reporting for same - "Sort on Customer Classification" in Parts Used and Parts on Sales Order

  4. Sales History Report - added filter on Customer for reports By Ref No and Code

  5. On-Going Stock Check Program added - New ModuleReport Forms added: RM CUSMW.FRX, RM_CUS2W.FRX, RA_STCKW.FRX, RA_STC2W.FRX

  6. Tightened Password: 8 - Does not show Buy Prices in History if set to OFF, Password 14 is now N/A to History (as was previous)

  7. Minor changes to Quote layout, Password=45 set to allow Change to Account Code for Quotes, RFQ's and S/Orders

  8. Added new Sub-Menu to Load Maintain Stock Files to re-adjust the prices by a selected Currency following changes in Exchange Rates. Prices (Buy, Sell and List) are mathematically re-calculated and the new Exch Rate applied for the currency chosen. Report RC_MLUPW changed to suit

  9. Quotes - Added new Sub-Menu to replicate Quote with full Edit Functions

  10. Shortage Report - Book IIn to Stock.  Added in Option to Print Shortage Report. Triggered as Fault (ie Q Bin Location). Needs QTY REJECT to be zero to work (ie nothing rejected). New report form added - RV_SHTGW.FRX

8 February 2008 Version 3h.35

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -  NONE

  1. PRINT TIME - Invoices, S/Order, RFQ, Quotes, PO's Added Pop-up to get Contact Name using Contacts file, if none found in the main file. Note that the Contact Name drop down is triggered ONLY if there is no Contact Name in the main Name & Address file. It must be left blank to trigger the drop-down

  2. SUPP/CUST SCREEN - Added new prompt in Customer and Supplier screen "Carriage Condition". Programming logic has been added into the core program and is available to print on Invoices, S/Order, RFQ, Quotes, PO's.

  3. OVERDUE ORDERS - Chase Overdue Orders - Added Button "Add Prg Notes"-Add Program Notes prompt to add-in Progress Notes for DBF, Report or Fax. Forms changed RO_DDUEW, RO_FXDUW


20 November 2007 Version 3h.34a

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -  NONE

  1. Payment Terms - added in to program where Supplier Payment Terms can be set individually by a code letter pre-definded in "Set Various Tables". Terms are prompted, Edited and printed on RFQ's and Purchase Orders. Translates (if rules are set) to calculate and print on Purchase Order Text of whatever payment rules for the Order will be.

  2. PURCHASE ORDER - Acknowledgement Button automatically writes Promised Date with Contract date when PO is (A)cknowledged. Browse screen during "Re-schedule Delivery" also displays Order Status

  3. (3h34a) NEED TO BUY LIST - New Button added to support exclusion of Qty count for items at different Depots. The Need to Buy List is thus based on the balance of Qty at locations other than the Depots that have been excluded.

  4. (3h34a) INVOICE PRINT - Offers to Print the Invoices/Certs/Delivery Notes etc following the process of doing the Invoices itself, jump straight to Print Invoices/Certs etc

  5. (3h34a) PURCHASE ORDER - Added Alias Number in Edit Process. Also prompts this in Drop Down Search Window

26 August 2007 Version 3h.33a

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -  NONE

  1. PRINT INVOICE: During a change select in "Shipto" address now finds the new Shipto address for this new Cust (if there is one), (previously defaulted to the Account address for the changed Customer A/c)

  2. CONTACTS in Customer and Supplier Files - modified - added new column for email address. Created new Contacts Data table to supplement Supplier (File called FSUPGRY.DBF)

  3. STOCK CONTROL: New Button added to directly create a Sales Order line from the Part No. Header screen. Keeps the same chosen Customer name until exit from the menu

  4. ARCHIVES - Added Quotes/Inquiry as an Archivable File. Previously Deleted old records. Changed Reporting to recognise Archived Data in Date range


01 May  2007 Version 3h.32

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -  NONE

  1. EDIT PART ISSUED : Added prompt for Edit by Part no

  2. PURCHASE ORDERS: Changed Comment to "Release" with a pop-up table to handle "Release Required per item. Releases Required are set in Utilities under "Set Various Tables"


19 March  2007 Version 3h.31

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -  NONE

    (a) Inventory Report Summary - Added filter for Excluding a Code
    (b) Sales History by Customer - Added relational search on Freceip to get Date Received (only as DBF file output)
    (c) Changed logic for Customer searches to be more exact if so selected

  2. OTHER MENU - Supplier & Customer FIles - Added new Button to Search on full customer name FNAME

    (a) History report displays if item is Invoiced or not
    (b) Added new sub-menu in iInquires to record Items that are Nil Stock
    FORMS CHANGED: Ra_Cardw, Ra_creaw


28 February  2007 Version 3h.30

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -  NONE

  1. EDIT PARTS ISSUED: Added new sub-menu to change Cust Account code on parts issued. (No change permitted for items already Invoiced if SLSW.EXE account module is also loaded)


11 September  2006 Version 3h.29

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -  NONE


  1. RETURNS PO - Changed Drop Down box to show same columns as Deilivery Note Issues, i.e. DEPOT and BINLOC

  2. CUSTOMER FRONT SCREEN - Added new field Date of Expiry for End Use Numbers. Date is checked during Issue of Stock i.e. at sale time 


07 July  2006 Version 3h.28

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -

  1. SALES ORDERS _proforma Invoice Print. Added in a new prompt "Add VAT to Carr. only"

  2.  QUIT: Added Auto-delete function for those duplicated unwanted records in the Stock file when doing a Daily FIle Maintenance

  3. SHIPPING: Shipping & Shortage - Deletes the Parts issue line if Qty is Zero and was an "SH" item 

  4. STORES: Changed the Tariff code to be optionally unique to Grn or Serial, ie, not generic to the P/no. Controlled by Setting and parameter control, "C/Code Tariff unique to GRN" - set Y or N

  5. STORES: Added NSN in Browse Button on Inventory Screen

  6. PURCHASE ORDERS: Book in to Stock Re-Process Screen. Added prompt and connect to Stock Header Record Comment field

  7. PURCHASE/SALES ORDERS: Book in to Stock, Open Sales Orders - Added new prompt to print Items that could have been delivered following the pop-up screen showing Sales Orders that are open (Form RO_SUMMW)

24 Apr 2006 Ver 3h.27

Zip for Forms & Reports changed -

  1. INVENTORY: Changed Stock Check process. If it is the only one set to "Y", then all the other prompts are curtailed, where only the Stock Check process is completed. In addition, acquires data for Rotable items

  2. REPORTS : Added new report "Date Stock Checked" - reports by date range of items that have been stock checked - new report form RA_SCHKW added

  3. REPORTS: Added new report "Both Alternates & Alias" - reports a combination of Alternate and Alisaes in one file. Form RA_ALTBW added

  4. REPORTS: Added new report "All Progress Notes" - reports on all progress notes by date range and Supplier filter. New report form RO_OMEMW added

  5. EDIT ISSUES: Added password control to block edits of Sales Ref no in Edit Part Issued. Password(12) now required 

  6. RFQ - Added prompts to Print Alt No. and Comments, same as Quotes - RQ_QUINW forms changed

  7. 3h.27a: Corrected bug in Min Qty computation for Rotables

  8. 3h.27b: Corrected bug in RFQ Alt swop over

14 Apr 2006 Version 3h.26

  1. PRINT REPORT: added Quote Originated by filter in "Respond by date" report

  2. BATCH BOOK: Increase Cert_no to 14 Chars - various screens and reports changed

  3. INVENTORY : Changed Price List year "YR" to 4 chars e.g. 0406=April'06

  4. ALTERNATE: Added new column to show "INFORMATION" on the part. Controlled by new password line no 36


22 Feb 2006 Version 3h.25

  1. Added a complete new section in Process a Sales Order to Auto-Pick a range of Sales Order. Checks for Qty Shortage, allows amendments, issues out the stokc and creates all docs ready fro Invoice. Prints a Picking List - RU_PCKDW

  2. Changed Need to Buy List' to ONLY reports on Orders where Contract Review='Y'

28-Dec-05 (Version 3h.24)

  1. Added in support for new Avref - does NSN numbers 

22-Aug-05 (3h.23d)

  1. Added prompt for "Depot" in Min Qty report

17-Aug-05 (3h-23c)

  1. Added Date Promised into P/Order Print. Sets to null when Order first made. Form changed to say "Contract date" and "Date Promsd"

 01-Aug-05 (3h.23b)

  1. Added code to acquire Min/Max from previous same depot if entered in "Receiving Depot" in Book into Stock

  2. Added in support to prompt for different text clauses for Quotes, RFQ's and Sales Order Confirmations. Needs the letter "Q" in the FPGEPRP.release in Edit of Forms (Various tables)

  3. Added new Setting & Parm items to "Prompt highest Issue number when doing a P/Order"

  4.  Added prompt for "Qty to Print "on Label and "No of Labels" 

14-Jul-05 (3h.23a)

  1. Beta-test feed back - fault in RFQ - "variable Paymt_trm not found" corrected

  2. Added in new Report "Depot Sales". Report form RU_DEPOW added 

23-June-05 (3h.23 - needs Amndpsp.exe)

Zip for Forms & Reports changed:

  1. Payment Terms - added in to program where Customer Payment Terms can be set individually by a code letter pre-definded in "Set Various Tables". Terms are prompted, Edited and printed on Quotes, Sales Orders and Invoice. Translates (if rules are set) to calculate and print on Invoices an actual payment due date for the Invoice

  2. Added [DBF] Output for Min Qty Print Report

  3. Increase PPQ to 5 Chars - Screens prompts changed as required. Internal programming altered to handle increase

  4. Book in to stock - added prompt and entry for "Incoming Supplier GRN". Is printed out during print of Certs & labels. Report forms RP_BATCW.FRX, RP_BOOKW.FRX changed to support this new field

  5. Transfer of stock to different depot now prints origin/destination Bin Location


02-June-2005 Rev 3h.22

Zip for Forms & Reports changed:

  1. Added in Support for EURo prices in Inventory Control Screen. Button %Profit enhanced

  2. Added logic to display "Sell core P/no" message in SO's and Quotes (same as when doing Invoices - is triggered if Core Support is turned on in Setting & Parameters) 

  3. Accept Return - Added Prompt to create /or not create an accompanying Sales Order

  4. Accept Return - Added Option to print Q-Note - new form RX_QNOTW added

  5. Accept Retrun - Added PO 4 line comment Box if PO applicable + PO message selection

  6. Added Fusages.Comment into FSTKCRD to show in History. Form changed RA_CARDW.Needs (contains new.FSTKCRD.DBF)

17-May-05 (3h.21)AMNDPSP.EXE needed

  1. Added prompt for "ISSUE NUMBER" in load/Maintain Stock file screen

  2. Added PO Acknowldeged date (internal and appears in DBF prints)

  3. Added Browse Search for Supplier when chasing an overdue PO

  4. Added support to print different forms as substitute for PO's, SO's, Invoices RFQ's, Quotes, Certs, Delivery Notes (useful for different languages)


18-APR-05 (3h.20)

  1. Added new sub-menu to print by Demand order - form RU_DORDW issued 

05-FEB-05 (3h.19b)

  1. Added push button to either Zero out or Edit Fault Counter

15-JAN-05 (3h.19)

  1. Added S&P switch to "Display Price Break Currency message"

  2. Added Re-Print of Non-Conformance Report Report File RV_FAU2W

  3. Added Print Reports on Faults on Supplier Report File RV_SUFAW

01-JAN-05 (3h.18)

  1. Adding to Quote now displays last line

  2. Added support in Browse to sort on Depot first (does a scatter/gather)

  3. Depot Highlighted next to GRN

  4. Also prompt for ISS no. duirng Rotable Book-into Stock



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