Last Updated 24 April 2016

(See psp_2004 psp_2005-13   for previous years)


      Subject : Details of Updates on CAFAM PSP made in the year 2014-16


24 April 2016   - Rev 3H.59

  1. Supplier Screen: Added [Performance] button to Supplier screen, prints 12 months supplier performance

  2. Purchase Order -Book-in-to Stock - added prompt for "Test Report". Stock Screen - added new column for test_rept in [History]

  3. Quotations - Added new P/Wrd controls for Quotes over a set threshold value (Set in S&P) . Added indvidual Quotation Threshold limit that can be set in User Set up. Set S&P to 99,999,999 turns to OFF this feature

  4. Supplier Screen added new Button [PO Release] allows max of 5 Releases to be selectable to Supplier duing PO Creation. Comes alive only if S&P Setting PO Comment is set to be Incoming Release for Part Number being ordered. During PO and RFQ creation, uses look up on these releases if set. If none set then full default list is presented


03 May 2015   - Rev 3H.58

  1. Sales Order Credit Limit - Added new logic to better control Sales Order Credit Limit. Uses Current Balance and Value of previous found Open Sales Order to display available balance which counts down on the line to ensure Cr limit is not exceeded

  2. Auto-Picking - added controls for Customer Profile for check for Early Delivery Margin or due within the Month, Variable Shelf Life acceptance, Acceptance of Partial Deliveries, Matched UofM, Condition, Release, IssueNo

  3. Print Reports - Added new Report Quote Summary and Conversion - new report RQ-CONVW added

  4. Added Certificate Date in the Inventory searches, the grouping together of Items Sold, On Order and In Stock in the Drop-Down searches fro Rotables and the Display of Totals on the Inventory Screen

  5. Print Reports - Added new Report 12 monthSupplier Delivery Summary. New form RP_SUPSW added

18 May 2014   - Rev 3H.57

  1. Added new Button for Customer Screen [Quote-S/Os] - Prints Quotes and S/orders to the Cust. Hooks to existing reports

  2. Added choice to Process Sales Order by Customer (previously only did by S/O range of SO's - now does both)

  3. Printing Quotes - Changed logic to allow logic of re-prnting Quote without removing "QP" flag, just gives on-screen message






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